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Old Testament Song - Habakkuk Educational Materials
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New Testament Song - Habakkuk Educational Materials
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Directions for using “The 66 Books of the Bible” chart:

1.  Play the Old and New Testament songs and point to each book in turn as it is named.

2.  Ask the children to identify the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).

3.  Ask students some of the questions that surround the chart.  (Hover over a question to see the answer.)

4.  Discuss the divisions of the Bible (Law, history, poetry, major and minor prophets, Gospels, church history, letters, prophesy).

Website (question 1).jpg
Website (question 2).jpg
Website (question 12).jpg
Website (question 9).jpg
Website (question 7).jpg
Website (question 10).jpg
Website (question 8).jpg
Website (question 11).jpg

Click on the chart to be directed to a site

where a full-page chart can be printed.

Website (question 13).jpg
Website (question 14).jpg
Website (question 15).jpg
Website (question 16).jpg
Website (question 17).jpg
Website (question 18).jpg
Website (question 3).jpg
Website (question 4).jpg
Website (question 5).jpg
Website (question 6).jpg
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